Posted on: February 4, 2008 1:39 am
Edited on: April 23, 2009 7:09 pm

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Well this year did not go as we had hoped. We beat some of the best teams and some of the worst. We beat the Eagles, Redskins and Giants and then the Giants came to Texas and kicked Cowboy butts. Then went and kicked Packers butts. I posted on other threads that the Giants would win the SB by 3 points. I got a little flack over that from the Patriots.lol. But the out come was the Giants winning over the Pats 17-14. And a sweet victory it was. The NFC beat the AFC! And they beat an undefeated team. Tom Brady did not play up to par while Eli Manning done a great job in my opinion.

Now we all wait for the 2008 season to begin. Can the Cowboys be as good a team as they were in 2007? Better I think. Will Brett Favre return for another season? If he does I expect the Packers to be as good as they were in 2007. I also look for the Bengals to be a better team in 2008. I think the Giants will do very well in the 2008 season also. With the Eagles improving a good bit. I look for the Cardnials to improve to a much better level As I think the Titans will also be a much better team. As I think the Redskins will also improve.

I am not implying the Pats are not a good team. Because they are a great team. Tom Brady is a darn good quarterback. Its the coach and owners that should answer for their wrong doings, not the players. It was the owners that allowed the coach to get away with his spying. It was the coach that had his team run up high scores over the other teams. Before Bill Belichick came to the Pats, he had done nothing as a coach. He got lucky and got on a team that had some great players. It was him and his staff that spied on other teams, not the players.

All team owners and coaches have the burning desire to be the best, to be the SB champions. But not all of them go to the lengh of spying on other teams to acheive their goals. This year football was marred by the spy gate affair. To say we hate the Patriots team would not be fair. For the players themselves are about as good as they come . I have a lot of friends that are Patriot fans. And they are good people.

So before you blast the Patriots team, think on it. It was not the players that did any wrong. It was the owners and coaches. The players are only victims of the owners and coaches desire to be the very best, regardless of what they have to do to achive that goal. They can't do things in an honest way, so they resort to tactics that have marred football as a whole. They should be held more accountable for their actions. If we hold it against the Patriots players for something they had no control over, then we are no better then the Patriots coaches and staff.

Good luck to all NFL teams in the 2008 season .



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