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Happy Thanksgiving

Another year has just about gone by. Now we are once again in the holiday season. It has been a good year for some, and a bad year for others. We can all be thankful that once again we are here for another holiday. As you drive to your friends and relatives houses, I urge you to all keep it a very safe trip. We want all of our friends to come back safe and sound. Allow plenty of time for your trip. Watch out for those drunk and stupid drivers that might be out there. Don't get any speeding tickets. Eat a lot and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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Posted on: October 8, 2011 4:12 pm

Calling the Horse Racing Fans!

I know there are a lot of folk out there that love horse racing. We would love to see you all on the Horse Racing Boards.. We would love to see all the fans that love horse racing there. The pro handicappers, the novice players, the part time players and anyone wanting to learn all about horse racing... We would love to see you there.. If you are a pro at betting horses, we would love to hear your input... Horse racing can be lots of fun. There is nothing like watching the horse you pick crossing the line first and winning the race. Yes it is heart breaking when your horse does not win. To me it is the challenge. The challenge of picking the winning horse. Going up to the window and colleting money off the horse I pick to win...

For those that have never bet the horses, there is a lot to learn about picking the winning horse.. The good days and the bad days.. As you learn it, there should be more good days than bad days... For the novice player, it is a way to get out and relax.. Horse racing is what you make of it... It is totally up to you how well you do.. Or how bad you do.. lol.. But, it can be lots of fun... Come give it a try.. There are a few of us there will help you learn the horses if need be.. So if you like horse racing, come and help support the Horse Racing boards!

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A new Group For everyone

PAPABEAR started a new group called "TAILGATE SPECIALS AND DRINKS". This group is for everyone. We would love to have people from all types of sports and all the different teams. The group is about "recipes".. Recipes for all types of food and drinks! Have you got a good recipe for bar-b-que? Bar-B-Que sauce? Hamburger? Potato salad? Recipes for cooking wild game such as hogs or deer? Spaghetti sauce? Cakes or pies? Candy? Mixed drinks? Please come and share your recipes with everyone! Or come to read recipes and just chat..

Follow the link below to join!

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mopsele, Our Dear Departed Angel of CBS

If you would like to pay your respects to our dear mopsele, please follow the link below.

I met mopsele (Trudy) back in 2006 before I started the "All Friends Bar & Grill.We became very good friends. God only knows how many hours we spent on the phone chatting. She would call me at 10:00 pm at night up untill about 2:00 am. We discussed everything. Always, we discussed the trolls. She could not understand why the trolls wanted to destroy the B&G so bad. She just could not concieve that people could be so evil. She could not understand why they would call her names. Even to the troll, the worst of them, she tried to be their friend.

She was one of the most precious friends one could ever ask for. In my life I have had two truely good friends. One being my friend Larry that died April 2, 2010. He was just as close to me as a brother. And mopsele. A true and fine lady. No better a friend could we ask for. A lady like mops does not come around to often. She was one of a kind. At times I wonder if she was even a real person. I some times wondered if she was really an angel, put here on cbs to show people about being friends, loving everyone, to teach us all that we could all get along together.

Her life was the "All Friends Bar & Grill. When several of us left here, she remained. Through one troll after another, she hung in there. The trolls called her every name in the book. But she did not sway, this was her home and she was proud of it! She was the "First Lady" of the "All Friends Bar & Grill"! She was the B&G. She welcomed many a friend that came to the B&G. She would do her best to get everyone to get along with each other.

She was loved by everyone. She treated people with respect. To know her, was to love her. She was never demanding, sarcastic, never screamed, yelled or really got mad. She only wanted to chat and be friends with everone. Yes , she was the B&G.

When I came in and read the post on where mopsele had passed away. My heart seemed to stop. I read it in disbelief. Losing a friend is truely hard. Even tough we knew her time to go was near, It does not make it any easier. I am in kind of a shock. mopsel was a lady that I had the utmost respect for. We all will miss her. She will always be part of us. We all lost a very dear friend. A true friend. Each time we come here we will feel her spirit here. For, she will always be the B&G. She was friend to many folks on cbs.

Now she is in a better place. She is up in heaven, that I am sure. She is no longer in pain. She is smiling down on us, watching her teams play ball.
Writing this is the hardest thing I have done. For I have tears in my eyes. For coming and hearing about her passing truely hurt and is hard to digest.

We love you mopsele, for ever more. Thank you for the precious time you gave us here. In our hearts you will remain for ever more. We know you are setting on that cloud in the skies so high, watching over us here. And one day, we all shall see you once again.

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Malware, Spyware and Trojans

I am posting this article for those that do not know about this great Malware software. Over the years I have used many different types of software to guard my computers against malware, spyware, trojans and virus. Most all worked to an extent. I have been running Avast. It is a free virus, malware, spyware and trojan guard and remover. I have had Malwarebytes on my puter for a couple of years now. I only ran it maybe once a month or every two months. Well I was surfing the internet a couple weeks ago and all the sudden I could not get on the internet. When I tried a window popped up that said my system had been infected by malware and spyware.

The program that kept popping up was called Win7 Spyware Remover or something close to that. It some how got on my computer and took over it. I tried to bring up windows explorer folder. It would not let it come up. It said it was infected with spyware. I tried to bring up the task manager to see what process's was running. Ity would not come up. Said it was blocked from coming up because it had spyware in it. I tried to bring up my antivirus program. Same thing. It would not let it come up.

Well after trying several things, I right clicked on Malwarebytes. It said it could not come up. But it asked me if I wanted it to come up as an admintrator, I clicked yes. Ok it came up. I had it update the program. Then I told it ro run. It did! It started scanning the system.

Now for you that have not heard of Malwarebytes, spyware, trojan, malware and virus software. I have had trojans take over my computer before and I finally had to format it to fix it. And that is not fun losing everything on puter. So I was fully expecting to have to foramt and start over. But! When Malwarebytes finally finshed scanning the puter, It found 10 spywares and such in the registry and different areas of windows. It said to delete the spyware that it would have to reboot. Well as I said I have had to format before so I had nothing to lose. I told it to reboot. It did. When it came back up it deleted all the spyware from my puter. My puter was back to normal and I did not have to format.

How this program works is that during reboot, before they spyware files loads up, it deletes them all. Poof they are totally gone! I turned off my antivirus program. I turned on Malwarebytes to run and protect my computer all the time. I have had it block sites that may contain spware, malware or trojans. If you want a truely great  program to protect your computer from malware, spyware, trojans and other bad programs, then I highly recommend Malwarebytes.

Go to and do a search for Malwarebytes. I promise you will not be sorry. You can download the trial version. And then buy the full program. It is not very expenseive. It updates regularly in the back ground. It is not real memory hungry. This program works great. You want darn good protection? Get Malwarebytes!

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Plastic the New Synthetic Fuel

Normally, potato chip bags, beer rings, gooey food wrappers and other plastics that cannot be recycled go directly to the dump. But improvements on an existing technology could divert billions of tons of "end-of-life" plastics from landfills and turn them into gas to run cars and trucks.

Called pyrolysis, the technique is being advanced by more than a dozen U.S. and foreign firms, some of which are producing synthetic crude oil or ready-to-drive diesel. If these plants are successful, junk plastic could replace imported oil as a source of cheap, sustainable fuel for the future.

The EPA says Americans dispose of 48 billion tons of plastics yearly, and recycle only 7 percent of that total. Engineers at Cynar, a tech firm outside Dublin, Ireland, says they can turn each ton of mixed plastic waste into 175 gallons of diesel, 50 gallons of gasoline and 25 gallons of kerosene – all ready to burn.

"We are after the stuff that would go into a landfill," said Cynar Managing Director Michael Murray about his source of so-called "end-of-life" plastics. "We’re not after the good stuff that gets recycled."

The pyrolysis technology varies slightly from company to company, but is essentially this: big heaps of junky, non-recyclable plastics are sorted out from the garbage stream, baled into giant cubes, shredded into tiny bits, and then fed into an enormous furnace. But unlike most furnaces, these high-temperature burners are fueled by nitrogen instead of oxygen, and burn in a vacuum. The process transforms the plastics into a gas, then condenses them into a liquid, which is then filtered and cleaned of contaminants, including inks and acids.

"In the next couple years, we are going to see these technologies installed and commercial availability is going to escalate," said Greg Wilkinson, president of Third Oak Associates, a Toronto-based environmental consulting firm. "It seems almost like science fiction, but the technology is now here."

ynar just signed a deal to build 10 plastic-to-diesel plants throughout the United Kingdom, and hopes to open others in Canada and the United States by the end of 2012.

In Portland, Ore., Agilyx is running a demonstration plant that turns mixed waste plastic brought in from local suppliers into crude oil, which it sells to a Seattle-based refinery.

“We’ve shipped 21 truckloads of crude oil derived entirely from garbage plastic,” said Agilyx CEO Chris Ulum. “That’s 170,000 gallons of crude oil that didn’t have to come out of the ground or be imported from outside the country.”

Ulum said the biggest obstacle was scaling up the manufacturing process from a small demonstration burner to a full-scale manufacturing plant. Agilyx also had to make sure the synthetic crude oil it was producing was chemically "clean" enough for the refinery. A recent report by the American Chemistry Council found more than a dozen U.S. and Canadian firms are trying to harness plastic-to-fuel technology. Kim Holmes, a Portland-based environmental consultant and author of the report, said the pyrolysis technology to convert plastic to fuel is now getting past the gee-whiz stage. "It’s now a race to commercialization," said Holmes.

Her survey of the field showed that crude oil made from waste plastics costs around 75 cents per gallon to produce, while ready-to-go diesel is about $1.25. At those numbers, Holmes said demand for synthetic fuels may rise under new renewable and alternative fuel standards being considered by the federal government.
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CBS Still The Worst Run of All

In May My value was 56 and my rating was 99. June 1, that is overnight, my value went from 56 to 35. My rating went from 99 to a 98. You jokers say the more you post, the better your rating is. This is about the forth time this has happened to me. And admins, please do not post your theory on how you think the rating system and scoring works, because you have no dang idea! You post crap to try and make yourselves look good. CBS is one of the worst forums there ever was. It is very disheartning to build up yur score and rating only to have it plumet over night. Stick your rating system where the sun don't shine!

Cbs has just about the most ignorant people working for it. Their programmers do not have half the brain a 5th grader has. They never could get the rating system right. When you go to the "Feed Back" area, The admins post nothing but crap! They have no dang clue as to how anything on this server works. They open their mouths, their fingers type. But they make no dang sinse at all! They try their best to tell you what they think will sooth us over.

Take the groups areas. When you post in the group areas you never know if you are going to get a decent score, or really low stupid score. Admins say they are aware of the problem. Yet they been saying that same thing for over two years! Yet nothing ever gets fixed! They say they listen to the users, that is one of the biggest lies they ever told! CBS don't give one damn about any user unless that user spends money on fantasy games and such!

They think they are saving time going from page to page by taking away our unlimited favorites. That was not the reason for putting a limit on our favorites. It was to screw you and me, the users! They know it. We know it. But it made their programmers look good in their eyes. God we could all probally write a book on all the stupid things cbs has done. lol. Heck we could all write a book on all the lies cbs has told us! If we had a dollar for each time cbs has told us they improved the server, but has not, we would all be rich!

Lordy cbs, it don't take three years or more to fix your rating syatem! Fire the ignorant idiots you have programming this server and for once quit being stingy with your money and hire some good decent programmers!
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Incandescent Will Be Banned in January

LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms

May 16, 6:05 PM (ET)


(AP) In this product image provided by Osram Sylvania, an ULTRA High Performance Series omni-directional...
Full Image

NEW YORK (AP) - Two leading makers of lighting products are showcasing LED bulbs that are bright enough to replace energy-guzzling 100-watt light bulbs set to disappear from stores in January.

Their demonstrations at the LightFair trade show in Philadelphia this week mean that brighter LED bulbs will likely go on sale next year, but after a government ban takes effect.

The new bulbs will also be expensive - about $50 each - so the development may not prevent consumers from hoarding traditional bulbs.

The technology in traditional "incandescent" bulbs is more than a century old. Such bulbs waste most of the electricity that feeds them, turning it into heat. The 100-watt bulb, in particular, produces so much heat that it's used in Hasbro's Easy-Bake Oven.

To encourage energy efficiency, Congress passed a law in 2007 mandating that bulbs producing 100 watts worth of light meet certain efficiency goals, starting in 2012. Conventional light bulbs don't meet those goals, so the law will prohibit making or importing them. The same rule will start apply to remaining bulbs 40 watts and above in 2014. Since January, California has already banned stores from restocking 100-watt incandescent bulbs.

Creating good alternatives to the light bulb has been more difficult than expected, especially for the very bright 100-watt bulbs. Part of the problem is that these new bulbs have to fit into lamps and ceiling fixtures designed for older technology.

Compact fluorescents are the most obvious replacement, but they have drawbacks. They contain a small amount of toxic mercury vapor, which is released if they break or are improperly thrown away. They last longer than traditional bulbs but not as long as LEDs. Brighter models are bulky and may not fit in existing fixtures.

Another new lighting technology, organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, has had problems reaching mass production. OLEDs are glowing sheets or tiles, rather than pinprick light sources, as LEDs are. They're used as vibrant color screens for smartphones, particularly from Samsung Electronics Co.

But making OLEDs that are big, bright, cheap and long-lasting enough for use as light sources has proved difficult, in part because they use chemicals that are sensitive to oxygen and spoil unless sealed very carefully.

Acuity Brands Inc., an Atlanta-based maker of light fixtures, will be showing some OLED panels at the show. They will go on sale next year, but the price will likely make them technology showpieces rather than candidates for everyday lighting.

LEDs are efficient, durable and produced in great quantities, but they're still expensive. An LED bulb can contain a dozen light-emitting diodes, or tiny semiconductor chips, which cost about $1 each.

The big problem with LEDs is that although they don't produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs, the heat they do create shortens the lifespan and reduces the efficiency of the chips. Cramming a dozen chips together in a tight bulb-shaped package that fits in today's lamps and sockets makes the heat problem worse. The brighter the bulb, the bigger the problem is.

The most powerful pear-shaped LED bulbs in stores today - the kind that fits existing lamps - produce light equivalent to a 60-watt bulb, though there are more powerful ones for directional or flood lighting.

Osram Sylvania, a unit of Germany's Siemens AG (SI), said it has overcome the heat problem and will be showing a pear-shaped 100-watt-equivalent LED bulb this week. It doesn't have a firm launch date, but it usually shows products about a year before they hit store shelves.

Lighting Sciences Group Corp., a Satellite Beach, Fla.-based company that specializes in LED lighting, will be showing several 100-watt-equivalent prototypes, including some that solve the problem of cooling the LEDs by using microscopic devices that move air over the chips, like miniature fans.

Before the 100-watters, there will be 75-watters on the shelves this year. Osram Sylvania will be selling them at Lowe's starting in July. Royal Philips Electronics NV, the world's biggest lighting maker, will have them in stores late this year for $40 to $45.

However, 60-watt bulbs are the big prize, since they're the most common. There are 425 million incandescent light bulbs in the 60-watt range in use in the U.S. today, said Zia Eftekhar, the head of Philips' North American lighting division. The energy savings that could be realized by replacing them with 10-watt LED bulbs is staggering.

To stimulate LED development, the federal government has instituted a $10 million "L Prize" for an energy-efficient replacement for the 60-watt bulb. Philips is so far the only entrant in testing, and Eftekhar expects the company to win it soon. But Lighting Sciences Group plans its own entry, which it will demonstrate at the trade show.

Philips has been selling a 60-watt-equivalent bulb at Home Depot since December that's quite similar to the one submitted to the contest. But it's slightly dimmer, consumes 2 watts too much power and costs $40, whereas the L Prize target is $22. Sylvania sells a similar LED bulb at Lowe's, also for $40.

However, LED prices are coming down quickly. The DoE expects a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb to cost $10 by 2015, putting them within striking range of the price of a compact fluorescent bulb.

Bob Karlicek, the director of the Smart Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., thinks that price is achievable.

But, he said, "it's not necessarily clear to people in the lighting industry that LED chips were ever meant to go into a bulb."

What's really needed, he said, is a new approach to lighting - new fixtures and lamps that spread out the LEDs, avoiding the heat problem.

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